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Lower your startup costs by collaborating with people who are building their skills, rewarding them using Reciprocal Currency.

Build your portfolio by offering your skills and experiences for Reciprocal Currency.

Offer your professional abilities for payment in Bitcoin.

Why Connectivize?


Tap Into the Wealth Around You

Connective is a platform that allows you to trade the skills you have for those you need. It’s like a barter system, except that we use Reciprocal Currency so you don’t have to have what the other person wants, and vice versa, to be able to trade. Starting Up? Reduce your startup costs and give opportunities to learners eager to share their skills. Connect with UX designers, wordpress/e-commerce builders, content developers, graphic artists, coders, and more: find everyone you need to build to launch. Non-Profit or Local Business? Find people to help you with your website, graphic design, and other tasks that will help you to reach your supporters and increase your impact. Learning a new skill? Inkscape? WordPress/CSS/Javascript? Gain practical experience contributing to practical and beneficial projects. We have demand for help with Graphic Design, UX (User Interface and Interaction) ,Wordpress sites, E-commerce for non-profit fundraising, Copywriting.

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Four Very Different Currencies

* Reciprocal Currencies encourage sharing and collaboration:
everyone receives the same amount of credit when they join.



Reciprocal Currency


Reciprocal Currency


Exchangeable Currency


Reciprocal Currency

Our Services

Includes both Offers, what you and everyone else is willing to provide, as well as Requests, what you and everyone else are looking for.


  • Document Editing
  • Lean Startup consulting
  • Product Design review
  • Scrum/Agile process team leader
  • SEO Analysis
  • WordPress Setup/Design/Tweaking
  • Bitcoin E-commerce Set-Up
  • ..and many more!


  • Logo & Graphic Designers
  • WordPress/HTML/CSS coders
  • Australian Tax Consulting
  • …and many more!
  • Accept Bitcoin Easily

    “You can offer goods/services for Bitcoin, even if you don’t have a Bitcoin address yet.
    Anyone with a Bitcoin Address can add it to their profile information and offer or requests goods or services to be paid in Bitcoin.
    Anyone with Bitcoin send it to an address and receive an equivalent amount inside the system, to sell it to people who don’t have it, either for any other currency they want.
    The system can also provide a Bitcoin Escrow service.”


    Satoshi Nakamoto


  • Free to open an account.
  • No Transaction or Monthly Fees in national currency.
  • Kepeng Account: 4% per month is charged to accounts with Positive Balances only.
  • Hours Account: 3% per month is charged to accounts with Positive Balances only.
  • Bitcoin Account: 2% per month is charged to accounts with Positive Balances only.
  • If your account balance in any currency is zero or negative, no fees are charged.
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    Stephen DeMeulenaere

    Stephen has 25 years experience in the fields of community, complementary, barter, traditional and digital currencies.

    A certified Digital Currency Professional with the Digital Currency Council in New York, he founded the Complementary Currency Resource Center in 2001, co-founded Coin Academy in 2014 and Connectivize in 2015.

    Aside from being an expert in Bitcoin, he’s an experienced Indonesian Language – English Language interpreter and translator, assists clients with WordPress and Shopify sites, and has volunteered for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival since 2007. He offers several services for trade in Connectivize.

    He has resided in Asia since 1997, in Bali, Indonesia since 2002, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and co-founded Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School in partnership with his wife Ochie.